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Homedics Bubble Spa Bath Mat Massager

This Bubble Spa is excellent for enthusiasts who appreciate a more-aesthetically pleasing Bubble bath experience, with itsork-shaped bath mat, this tool makes it effortless to work with. The o-ring rubber gasket ensures of streamline best quality while the bath fills keep you clean and healthy.

Homedics Bath Mat

The Homedics Bubble Spa elite programmable massaging bath mat is a luxurious and efficient massaging mat that can be used at home or in a public area, the mat renders a remote control that allows you to customize the massage to your own level of comfort. The mat is manufactured of durable materials that will never lose its shape or softness, this Homedics Bubble Spa bath mat peerless for your home! It features a soft, plush fabric surface with a built-in massage table, so you can relax in peace. The electronic massage mat includes a remote control, so you can easily move it to a first-rate position without ever having to take your hands off the device, plus, the soft, smooth surface is machine-washable and wrinkle-resistant. This mat is splendid for use in public areas or anywhere you need intense pressure and comfort, this mat is fabricated from durable and sturdy materials that will last long in your Bubble Spa bath. Whether you’re using the mat to massage your baby or yourself, new Homedics is a top-notch substitute for someone scouring for a sturdy and durable mat, the Homedics Bubble Spa bmat-1 an is a high-quality, air-filled Bubble bath mat that's first-rate for treating all your bath needs! Its heating element ensures your bath always comfortable and warm, and its fuchsia design is sure to turn heads! This mat is good for all types of bath needs - whether you're digging for a simple Bubble bath or a more complicatedbt: the Homedics Bubble Spa bmat-1 an is available now at most home depot locations.