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Extra Long Bath Mats

Our Extra Long bath mats are top for a Long wait time at the bathroom of your choice, they are made of durable leather and are flexible so that you can move them around as you see fit. They are non- slip and are sure to make your wait time at the bathroom a lot.

40 Inch Bath Mat

The new blue 45 inch bath mat is an exceptional alternative for any new or refurbished bathroom, it is soft and soft to the touch, making it best-in-class for keeping the bathroom clean and organized. The 38-inch bath mat is large enough to tailor a large bathtub and our beige color is puissant for any color bathroom, the mat is fabricated of heavyduty and is simply wall-もってください。 oversized bathtub mat is sure to make your bath a comfortable and place to be. With its Extra Long length, bath tub and shower mat is unrivalled for any size bathtub, our Extra Long bath mats are excellent for keeping your bathroom clean and healthy. With two inches of space to stand up to years of use, these mats are made of soft, luxurious fabric that will keep your bathtub clean and polished, eyeing our mats, you'll be impressed by the speed and how facile it is to clean. Extra Long bath mats are unrivaled for large baths, and this bath mat is no different, it's made of durable cotton batting and imparts a felt-lined top for a strong grip. Plus, the extra-long shape will never fit into the provided waterway and is 21" l x 16" w x 40" at least this one's Extra long.