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Diatomite Bath Mat

This 24 x 15 quick dry diatomaceous stone shower bath mat is unrivalled for an infringed against water droplets and will make your water feel more like it channels through a desert land, the absorbent Diatomite rug will keep your bathroom at or above the sahara desert style.

Diatom Earth Bath Mat

This Diatomite earth bath mat is an unequaled alternative to keep your bathroom clean and healthy, the mat is manufactured of soft, heavy-duty Diatomite earth and it absorbent in just 0. 5" of water, it offers a new and innovative alternative to keep your bathroom clean. This tash Diatomite bath mat is dandy for keeping your bathroom searching eco-friendly and clean, it is manufactured of diatomaceous earth, which is a type of soil that is used to cultivate plants, and is non-slip super absorbent. This bath mat is exceptional for absorbent bath towels or heavy water dishes, the Diatomite and earth materials make , Diatomite bath mat is difficult to lose magnetize and make it difficult to slip onto the towel. The mat also fits multiple sizes of towels and dishes, this is a top-of-the-line bathroom rug for suitors with anhidrotic skin. The Diatomite earth non-slip bath mat will help keep you comfortable while you use the bathroom.