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Colour Changing Bath Mat

This bath mat grants a colorful blood-like paint job, it is valuable for turning the house into a place where blood runs rampant! Five different colors turn to fresh, healthy blood each time you walk on it. Keep your bath space digging and smell like a blood-aked marinade.

Bloody Bath Mat Changes Color When Wet

The bath mat offers a new heat sensor color change function, when it is wet, the mat will change its color to a different color every time it is touched. This function is excellent for keeping your bathroom clean and tidy, the bloody bathmat is a sterling surrogate to make your bathroom a bit it is fabricated of durable wood and can be used for a few washings or a regularly. The mat is facile to clean and is an exceptional addition to bathroom, the bloody bathmat color Changing mat turns red when wet and white when dry. This is an unrivaled tool for keeping your bath space clean and organized, this color Changing bath mat is a valuable addition to your next christmas party. With it, you can change the scene of the snowman to match the mood you want to establish, some examples could be "merry christmas", "famiccii" or "definito". The mat also includes a built in light which will make sure your guests can see what's going on, this bath mat is straightforward to set up and is top-of-the-line for any size bathroom.